As a roaster of specialty coffee, I am always looking for the sweet spot of a particular bean, such as the blueberry nuances that can be found in Ethiopian varieties, or the bright citrus notes of coffees from Costa Rica. Attention to detail allows me to create a very consistent product while always trying to raise the bar.

What sets me apart from other roasters is my culinary skills and years behind the roaster. Roasting coffee for me is an artisan craft; I use all my senses to connect to this process–man and bean connecting to create a fine cup to share and enjoy with other human beings. This is truly what brings me joy: to see a face light up upon the first sip. And you can watch me roast your beans right in the back of the store while you read through your inbox.

This is not a mecca of the orange-mocha-frappuccino-chai-whip, this is a cozy, friendly, community-centered gathering place focused on the natural profile of this ancient crop. Of course, I offer variations of the standard cup, some seriously badass cold brew, and our staff can do some magical things on our ancient espresso machine.

I take the same pleasure in creating the perfect sandwich or bagel concoction and relish in the colorful palate of a well made salad. We make our own curried tuna salad, hummus and smoothies, and use local bakeries like Nancy’s Bagels and Wiltshire to provide fresh pastries and bagels. Come in for a breakfast of locally sourced granola, yogurt, and honey. Try our tuna salad for lunch and mid-afternoon snack of a hummus plate with your afternoon espresso.

Finally, the setting of Germantown is not only special to us because I get to share my treats with you, it is also our home. We’ve lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and have loved watching it grow. This dream to share a neighborhood space in my own backyard has finally come true. I aim to provide a much needed communal space for art and pleasure, for lively conversation or quiet study–a place where all walks of life in this diverse neighborhood connect. We want Bean to feel like home; we want to know you by name.

From my cup to yours, Billy Seckman